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Yorkshire ceiling "Light Arrival" and sunroom

2017 Architecture Masterprize for Interior Rooms & Zones
2017 IES Illumination Award of Merit
2018 Bronze A' Design Award for Lighting Projects Design

Scroll down for a timelapse construction video

The clients had a screened-in porch on the back of their house from decades earlier, but the Midwest’s humid summers and cold winters permitted use of that porch for only a few comfortable weeks annually. The clients desired an enclosed space, filled with light, which could be enjoyed year-round.


Flynn A&D designed a sunroom in its place, blended into the roof line of the split-level ranch-style house. Yet as the remodel could still be considered an "ordinary box", something more creative was needed.


Flynn A&D designed a three-dimensional, curvilinear, translucent, backlit, full-room suspended ceiling for the gabled space, eliminating the need for any floor lamps or recessed lighting while giving even, diffuse illumination throughout.


Relocating its office to the project site, the ceiling was fabricated and installed by Flynn A&D and the client.​


The ceiling is comprised of 397 uniquely-shaped and custom-bent translucent panels, over 1,200 eyebolts, over 5,000 feet of suspension wire, over 7,000 feet of electrical wire, and more than 29,000 individual LED diodes. Different color temperatures of white light were used, allowing the clients to dial in the best hue, whether cool for summer evenings or warm for fireplace-cozy winter nights.

Ceiling installation:
Building Contractor:

Built, 2016

Crystal Lake, IL, USA

Flynn A&D

Private client

Flynn A&D and client

J.E.B. Construction

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