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Desert Pearl Residence

In the hot, dry desert with mountains in the backdrop sits a cool white pearl, like a mirage in the landscape. The client – an artist and astronomer – requested a home integrating a workshop, art gallery and telescope dome. A central courtyard, covered by translucent acrylic, filters light and disperses heat while linking the fabrication, exhibition, and living areas. An elevator rises to the roof deck, facilitating visitors and equipment for stargazing parties. A shaded pool and artificial grass ecologically conserve water while providing an unexpected oasis in the scorching climate.

Structural engineer:
Mechanical engineer:
Civil engineer:
Astronomy engineer:
Electrical engineer:

Unbuilt, 2016

Arizona, USA

Flynn A&D

Private client

Meyer Borgman Johnson

Associated Mechanical Engineers

Summit Civil Group

DFM Engineering

Woodward Engineering

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