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Creative, unique projects - whether the designs are its own or helping someone pull off their own quirky, wild ideas.

Working with James Turrell:

Flynn A&D has worked on more than 80 of Turrell's artworks over the 15 years, helping the renowned Light and Space artist to materialize design ideas, resolve geometry, render concept proposals, draw technical design documents, and facilitate construction with the local/ foreign architect and contractors.

Working with Peter Wegner:

It's been a pleasure to work with Peter Wegner on several of his artworks, including arguably the most universally-enjoyed piece Flynn A&D has worked on: Wegner's flip digit piece at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

Working with other artists:

Flynn A&D has been privileged to assist world-class artists in their efforts, including Nancy Rubins, Richard Long, Jenny Holzer, Ai Weiwei's studio, and Yves Klein's archives, primarily through the artwork installed at MGM's CityCenter, Fontainebleau Miami, and the unfinished Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

Working with Habitat for Humanity:

Despite the enjoyment of working on incredible and quirky art, there comes a point when one wonders what good is truly done from spending half a million dollars to install ten square feet of colored light into someone's living room wall. While the major efforts of Flynn A&D involve significant artworks, giving wonder and beauty to beholders, how do these projects benefit a neighbor in need?

As such, Flynn A&D's board of directors routinely ships off its CEO on Habitat for Humanity trips to impoverished locations, building houses for those who have little. It's a way to keep focus on what is really important in this world.



Matt Flynn is a registered architect in AZ, CA, IL (with inactive registration in FL, NV, and Victoria, Australia) and holds an NCARB certificate, facilitating reciprocity in other jurisdictions in the United States. Flynn Architecture & Design has worked on projects spanning five continents.

Currently located outside of Chicago, Illinois, Flynn A&D was founded in Los Angeles, California and was based in Long Beach, CA, for nearly ten years.

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After working in Los Angeles for several years on high-end modern residences, in 2006 Matt Flynn had a mid-life crisis. Yep, 28 years old.

After promptly crashing his sporty red convertible, quitting his job, and leaving his apartment, he walked off the continent to scuba dive in the South Pacific. Returning with sun-bleached hair months later, he started his own design firm for art and architecture projects.

Over a decade later, he is still at it while constantly wondering where the next mid-life crisis will take him.



Pourquoi pas? Everyone needs to make a living. Why not do it making wonderful, creative projects that bring people inspiration and joy?



Acting as what might best be called an “art design architect”, a liaison between the unbridled art world and the technical construction industry, Flynn A&D provides services from conceptual design studies, renderings and animations through architectural documents and engineering coordination to construction assistance.


All this is solely by the grace of God. Does anyone give themselves their own talent? It is the LORD who knitted us together in the womb, who created us in His image (Psalm 139:13; Genesis 1:27). Any talents, experiences, and coincident meetings are His blessings and expressed with thanksgiving.



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