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James Turrell's skyspace at Museé Shuim, South Korea

Flynn A&D acted as the art design architect for Turrell's concurrent show at the O'room Gallery, Total Art Gallery, and Museé Shuim in 2008, providing drawings of the works to be installed at the three locations.

The temporary skyspace built at Museé Shuim was clad in metal siding. The bench detailing was coordinated with the local architect, using economical, engineered wood planks. Two color temperatures of white LEDs were used to subtly shift the lighting in the space.

Art design architect:
Architect of record:
Art lighting:
Art coordination:

Built, 2008

Seoul, South Korea

James Turrrell

Museé Shuim

Flynn A&D

AI Architects

Benjamin Pearcy, Matthew Schreiber

Matthew Schreiber, Re-Made

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