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James Turrell's skyspace at Kayne Griffin Corcoran's gallery

While renovating their new gallery on La Brea Avenue, KGC built a Turrell skyspace as their office conference room. Flynn A&D provided drawings of the artist’s design for the local architects, quality control, material selection, and shop drawing review. Flynn A&D also produced the digital model of the interior “squarish bubble” for the oculus’ retractable roof, used by the fabricators to CNC their fiberglass form.


Hidden above the main gallery’s translucent skylights, Turrell inserted multi-colored LEDs that allow for a subtle hue adjustment and diffusion of the natural daylight, giving the gallery spaces a continuous, even lighting condition to display their artworks. The wiring and power locations for the light fixtures required significant coordination.


Drawings were also provided to install one of Turrell’s small glass works in the main staff office.

Art design architect:
Architect of record:
Art lighting:
Retractable roof:

Built, 2013

Los Angeles, CA, USA

James Turrrell

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Flynn A&D

Standard LLC

Baltic Studio

Alonzo Construction

Berkut Engineering and Design

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