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James Turrell's skyspace "The Way of Color, 2009" at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Befitting a renowned artist of California's Light and Space movement, one of Turrell's skyspaces is located on the grounds of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Allowing visitors to experience the immersive colors within, the cylindrical interior is preceded by an open porch area sheltered by a cast-in-place concrete canopy.

Flynn A&D assisted the artist in his design, working through multiple revisions and sizes to fit the specific site. Detailed art drawings were produced for the local architect. Close coordination during the stone fabrication allowed the contractor to showcase his skill installing the basket-weave patterning on the bench backs.

Art design architect:
Architect of record:
Art lighting:

Built, 2009

Bentonville, AR, USA

James Turrell

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Flynn A&D

Hight Jackson Associates

Benjamin Pearcy Lighting Design

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