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James Turrell's glass works

Turrell’s slowly-changing hues of light, deceptively appearing to emanate from a wall surface, have progressed through numerous iterations, from the first Tall Glass pieces to Wide, Curved, Small, Elliptical, and most recently, Diamond Glass.

Flynn A&D resolved the compound, three-dimensional curved coving edges to create Turrell's first Curved Glass artwork, "The Kaloo, 2008", installed at the VIP alcove at Fontainebleau Miami. A second Curved Glass for a private collector, “Yukaloo”, was displayed as part of Turrell's retrospective at LACMA in 2013.


In 2013, Flynn A&D developed a prefabricated art box to contain Turrell's series of Small Glass works, allowing easier rough-in and quick installation into gallery spaces.


For the Elliptical Glass works, first installed at the Bonhill residence, Flynn A&D's digital models were used to CNC-mill forms for the wall coving.


For Kayne Griffin Corcoran’s art show in 2015, Flynn A&D worked with the artist to refine the design of the first Diamond Glass works, creating geometric efficiency to match the LED lighting.


Flynn A&D has designed customized installations for unique and difficult situations, among them a steel-framed, wood-clad, pivoting wall holding a Tall Glass in New York, and a slide-access, thin-wall Elliptical Glass in Washington DC.

Art design architect:
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Built, 2007-2016

Multiple, public and private installations

James Turrrell


Flynn A&D

GRIFFIN, Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Benjamin Pearcy, Matthew Schreiber, Baltic Studio, Ryan Pike

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