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James Turrell's "Boulleé's Boule" and "Missed Approach" at LACMA

Two of Turrell's unbuilt autonomous spaces, "Boulleé's Boule (1990)" (a skyspace) and "Missed Approach (1990)" (a ganzfeld-like space, in the comical form of a flying saucer crashed into the side of a pyramid), were originally slated to be installed permanently on the rooftop of LACMA West, the historical May building on Wilshire Boulevard, at that time undergoing museum renovation.

Flynn A&D coordinated with the artist and local architect on the detailing of Turrell's designs, plus rendered photomontages of the two spaces on the current building's rooftop.


Renderings were published in LACMA’s fundraising book.

Art design architect:
Architect of record:

Unbuilt, 2008

Los Angeles, CA, USA

James Turrrell

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Flynn A&D


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