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Habitat for Humanity/ Thrivent Builds Worldwide trip to Sanchez Norte, Nicaragua

Returning to the same area in Nicaragua as in February 2015, the team built a similar house in a neighboring area. As the team's hotel was adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, the best way to clean sweaty, dirty construction clothes at the end of the day was to jump into the ocean right off the bus. Shoes off, of course.

An unexpected surprise was a visit to the previous trip's built house, now fully painted in pink and blue. The homeowner was looking in much better health from living on a clean concrete floor with a solid roof over her head. See the last picture of that trip for the update.​

Trip leader(s):

November 2016

Sachez Norte, Managua, Nicaragua

Willie Nemeth, Laurie DeCresie

Maylene, Jose, Weyner

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