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Bonhill Residence remodel

The original house had been repeatedly remodeled over the years, including a significant remodel by Richard Meier & Partners Architects in the 1990's. The new owner wanted her own modifications, focusing on the expansion of the master bathroom, opening up the living room, reconfiguring of the first-floor bedroom, bath, laundry, and circular stairwell, and renovating the pool cabana.


​The most significant portion of the project was the conversion of master bathroom into split his/hers portions with the extension of the closet cabinetry, including a beautician-style hair washing sink. An unused room was converted into the main hers bathroom. Flynn A&D persuaded the client to install a retractable roof over the space, allowing the southern California sunshine and comfortable weather to permeate into the bathing area. Privacy is contained from the existing exterior screen wall.


​Flynn A&D also coordinated the installation of James Turrell's first elliptical glass work in the entertainment room, as well as a Turrell Magnatron artwork in a secondary entryway.


​Published in Architectural Digest, Dec 2015, pgs 130-139.

Structural Engineer:
Art dealer:
Art installers:
Interior Designer:

Built, 2014

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Flynn A&D

Maggie Kayne

Gordon L. Polon Consulting Engineers

Alonzo Construction

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Joaquin Mendoza

Courtney Applebaum Design

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