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Peter Wegner's proposals for the San Jose Earthquakes' soccer stadium

For the San Jose Earthquakes new soccer stadium, Wegner created two concept proposals encompassing not only the articulation of the façade (as originally requested) but the overall stadium design and viewer experience.

​"WORLD STADIUM" proposed a global embrace of the sport by mapping major international soccer cities onto the façade and rooftop in illuminated street lines of red and orange polycarbonate, while also developing a philanthropic agenda for supporting lesser-developed countries.


"SPECTRUM STADIUM" proposed a type of Op-Art façade, with color gradients wrapping around not only the U-shaped façade but also onto the structural steel and bleacher seating.

Flynn A&D assisted the artist during his multiple design studies, producing renderings and animations (below) to aid Wegner’s proposals.


The stadium 3D base model used in the renderings was provided by the stadium architects.

Art design architect:
Building architect:

Proposal, 2013

San Jose, CA, USA

Peter Wegner

San Jose Earthquakes

Flynn A&D

360 Architecture

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