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Peter Wegner's paper walls "Day for Night, Night for Day" at MGM's CityCenter

Located in the concierge lobby of the Vdara tower, Peter Wegner's sun and moon diptych is made from individually-colored sheets of paper stacked on edge, like a reversed bookshelf, resulting in a wall surface of saturated, gradated color.

Opposing walls rising up 42' to the ceiling and 10' wide are composed of 20,000 lbs. of paper. To support this, 20,000 lbs. of steel were bolted to the concrete walls. Created similar to ladder rungs, each steel rod supports a paper row.


Flynn A&D developed the steel armature design and cladding details. Deflection criteria were determined with the structural engineer to avoid bowing in the steel rungs, which would have resulted in crushed and crumpled paper edges.

To satisfy fire codes and avoid flaming confetti, compression plates were designed on each side of the steel armature, tightened over threaded rods. This sandwiched the individual sheets of paper together, creating, in effect, dense wood logs at each row.

Flynn A&D further assisted Wegner in creating his secondary art piece for the space, hanging illuminated pixilated spheres. Digital 3D versions were created of multiple pixilation versions and elevation configurations.

Art design architect:
Structural engineer:
Steel fabricator:
Art dealers:
Building architect:
Interior design:
Lighting fabricator:

Built, 2009

Vdara at CityCenter, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Peter Wegner

MGM Resorts International

Flynn A&D

DeSimone Consulting Engineers

E-Fabrication (Scott Enge)

G-C Arts, Michele C Quinn Fine Art Advisory

Leo A Daly



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