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Tulip vase shroud

Tulip vase shroud

A bulb-shaped vase encircles an inner glass vase; the plywood twists like flower petals ready to burst open in bloom. Like the Tower Vase Shroud, in Version 1 (shown with dry brush foliage) opposing "columns" of the vase are identical. In Version 2 (shown with green foliage), all four columns are unique. The glass vase is included, although it itself is not the artwork. The glass vase is a hand-blown, commercially-produced product which can be easily replaced if you happen to break it.

  • Baltic birch plywood with natural oil, soft luster finish.

    Overall dimensions: 11.5" diameter x 29" tall. Glass vase is 4" diameter x 27.5" tall.

    For interior use only.  Do not use with candles.

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