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Richard Long's mud paintings "Circle of Chance" and "Earth" at MGM's CityCenter

In the side-by-side lobbies of the twin VEER towers are two 72' tall canvases with hand-applied mud paintings.

Flynn A&D assisted the art dealers by modeling the artist's concept proposal, coordinated with the artist to specify the wall details and joints, and quality-control reviewed the canvases before the artist's labor.

Yes, Flynn A&D got paid for looking at white-painted drywall. It was appreciated too - the artist sent a personal thank you at the end of the project.

Art design architect:
Art dealer:
Building architects:

Built, 2009

VEER towers at CityCenter, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Richard Long

MGM Resorts International

Flynn A&D

G-C Arts

Murphy/ Jahn, Adamson Associates Architects

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