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James Turrell's perceptual cell at Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Turrell’s meditation space is designed to take the viewer into a theta state of mind, the deep, meditative brainwaves associated with the edge of the subconscious. Lying down, staring up at the nothingness of an immersive color field, the art work is a mind-altering space of strobing lights and synchronized binaural audio. It is a space that allows the viewer see with their eyes closed.

Construction of the piece was allotted an extremely short window, due to the finishing renovations of Kayne Griffin Corcoran’s new gallery. As such, the space was prefabricated off site in multiple components, then installed in 52 straight hours (including sleeping and commuting) from initial layout to lights on.


Built as an impermanent installation, the exterior remained unfinished so that, when relocated, it could be clad to fit an art collector's environs.


Flynn A&D assisted Turrell in his design refinement, proposing the circular staircase to maximize the Perceptual Cell in the available space; designed the prefabricated components, procured bids, coordinated fabrication, and set the construction layout.

Art design architect:
Structural engineer:
Art lighting:

Installed, 2013

Los Angeles, CA, USA

James Turrrell

Kayne Griffin Corcoran

Flynn A&D

Gordon L. Polon Consulting Engineers

Baltic Studio

Joaquin Mendoza and crew

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